Sketch to Cake: Ginger Soave’s White Christmas Wedding Cake

I then started sketching the cake, it was 4 tiers, nothing fancy, all white, no texture or creativity. I then started adding more and more to my sketch. I remembered the bride had a simple silver ribbon around her waist so I wanted to bring that into the cake somehow. I also noticed she had reindeer on her invite so I wanted to incorporate that into the cake as well. Then I noticed that the bride had a glittery aisle-runner that she was going to walk down to meet up with her groom. And on top of that she said the little flower girl was actually going to sprinkle down snow flakes as the bride was walking down the aisle. So BAM, there is where the idea of the 2nd tier of snowflakes came into play. I was still unsure of the bottom tier other than just plain so the sketch stayed with the bottom and top tier extremely simple.

I try to follow as closely to my sketch as possible. After being on Food Network Cake Wars, and it’s very tight time constraints, it is sometimes not possible to stick completely to the sketch and improvisation is extremely important.