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Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship

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Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship
Dottie Jennings, GFWC-NC Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship Chairman
203 Orchard Drive, Elizabeth City, NC 27909
The GFWC of North Carolina Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship shall be awarded to an outstanding senior
(male or female). The student must be a North Carolina high school senior and sponsored by a Federated club
in good standing with GFWC-NC. Investments of the State SSCS Fund shall provide the scholarship monies and
other expenses incurred in awarding the scholarship for a four year Bachelor’s degree. The tenure for the
scholarship shall be four years in a North Carolina school, provided the academic record and conduct of the
recipient justifies continuance of the scholarship. (In the event the recipient graduates in three years, the tenure
shall be three years).
The recipient shall undertake and satisfactorily complete a full academic number of hours as described by the
current college catalog. Any grade point average, GPA, less than 3.0 per year, does not satisfactorily meet the
terms of the contract.
Scholarships are administered through the GFWC-NC Headquarters in cooperation with State SSCS
Chairman and the Financial Officer of the college, which the recipient attends. Half of the annual funds shall
be paid by GFWC-NC prior to each semester upon receipt of transcript and release form of student from the
State SSCS Chairman.
This administration the SSCS shall be $3,000 per year, for a total of $12,000. The runner-up shall receive
the one time sum of $1,000, which shall be sent to the school of choice.
Should the Scholarship recipient find it necessary to withdraw from college, the student must notify the State
Scholarship Chairman as soon as possible.
SSC Scholarship Committee
The Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship Committee shall be composed of the State SSCS Chairman and
members as appointed by the President. The Chairman will serve on the GFWC-NC Scholarship Committee.
The official application form and rules governing the Scholarship shall be prepared by the GFWC-NC
Scholarship Committee and approved by the GFWC-NC Executive Committee and Board of Trustees. The
Committee shall be responsible for planning, staffing, and executing the scholarship contest. The Committee
shall be available to aid District Scholarship Chairmen when requested. The Scholarship Committee shall work
toward increasing the SSCS Fund.
Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship Chairman
The Chairman shall confer with District Chairmen to clarify the implementation of rules and procedures. She
shall obtain a signed statement of understanding from the recipient and the college governing the release of
funds. The Chairman shall communicate with the recipients periodically as to their school progress.
Semiannually she shall secure and remit to GFWC-NC recipient’s updated contact information, copy of the
student latest semester transcript, and release form with payment instructions based on that transcript. The
State SSC Scholarship Chairman shall work toward increasing the SSCS Fund.
Application Rules – Local/District/State
This scholarship is awarded based on the candidate’s character, scholastic records, evidence of intellectual
promise, demonstration of ambition, leadership ability, and need for financial assistance. Applicant must be
present for judging at the time and place designated. For Local & District contests the applicant must also be
present for the presentation of the scholarship.
1. Applicant must be a high school senior residing in North Carolina.


2. Applicant must be in the upper fourth of the class.
3. Applicant must use the official application form (or copies of) on page 7.
4. The scholarship is to be used at a four-year college or university in the state of North Carolina.
5. Citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States.
1. Application form on page 7.
2. Recent photograph.
3. A personal letter as to why student desires to continue their education, the student’s future plans, and why
financial aid is necessary.

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4. Letter of recommendation from either the school principal, school guidance counselor, or a school
5. Letter of recommendation from a business or professional person OTHER THAN SCHOOL PERSONNEL.
6. Letter of recommendation from the President of sponsoring club.
7. High school transcript, with grades through the first semester of senior year, complete SAT and/or ACT
scores, class rank with number of students in class, and grade point average weighted and unweighted.
8. Copy of most recent Federal Tax Returns or FAFSA Summary for applicant’s parent(s) and applicant.
Document any significant changes in family income if necessary. Student should mark out SSN before
District Scholarship Procedure
Each District President shall appoint a scholarship chairman whose term shall be two years. Each district
shall hold a scholarship competition, preferably during their Arts Festival. All clubs entries should be sent to
the district SSCS Chairman in accordance with their District Bylaws. Each district should select a winner
and an alternate.
The District Scholarship Chairman shall:
1. Be responsible for the district contest.
2. Contact each club in the district with full information as to rules and procedures governing the
3. Select three (3) judges – a school principal or teacher, an active clubwoman, and a business or
professional person.
4. Submit a copy of each applicant’s file to each judge at least one week prior to the district judging.
5. Provide judges with the judging criteria found in the following section entitled “Judging Criteria.”
By March 1 –
District Chairman should mail to the State Scholarship Chairman:
1. Five (5) copies of the district winner
2. One (1) copy of the district alternate


GFWC-NC Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship
Application Form
(Please copy for future use.)
To Be Completed By Sponsoring Club
Complete the following before delivering application to applicant.
Club Town District
Club President
Mailing Address
Local Scholarship Contest will be held (date Place
District Scholarship Chairman E-mail
Mailing Address Phone Number
District Scholarship Contest will be held (date) Place
To Be Completed by Student
1) School Graduation Date
2) Name of Father/Guardian
Address Occupation
3) Name of Mother
Address Occupation
4) How many persons are dependent upon your parents?
5) Give ages of brother(s) Sister(s
6) How many brothers and/or sisters are in college?
Name colleges
7) Did your parents attend college? Father Mother
8) Do your parents own their own home? Buying? Renting?
9) What work for pay have you done during the last year?
10) What work do you plan to do this coming summer?
11) What is your NC college preference
What course of study will you take?
12) Have you applied or been accepted for entrance to a college?
13) Have you informed the student aid officer of your need for financial assistance?
14) Name other scholarships for which you have applied
Scholarship name and amounts you have received
15) If you are awarded this scholarship, how will the balance of your college expenses be financed?
16) Attach a list of extracurricular activities, honors and community activities.
I (name) the parent/guardian of the above applicant for a scholarship,
hereby declare that, to the best of my knowledge, and belief, the foregoing statements are complete and correct.
I approve the applicant’s application for a scholarship.
Date Signature
Applicant must be present for judging.
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