Nrotc Scholarship Interview Questions, Request An Officer Interview

I have my NROTC officer interview on Monday morning and I have been reading up on tons of other applicants’ questions and advice. Is there anything that the fine folks of r/navy can offer me in terms of what to expect, bring along, say, or know? Any and all help is much appreciated! Thanks!


be yourself.

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convince the board or interviewer that you really want to lead sailors and/or marines.

have an idea of what you wanna do in your naval/marine career.

depending on the questions asked, tell the board about your leadership experiences that would be applicable to being an officer.

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express interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) for your academic career

source: officer recruiter

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So I had my interview. It went really well!!! I said “Motherfucker” and they respected me for it. Actually walked away with a medal, too! Obviously not, but the interview actually went very well. The Lt. was very enthusiastic in expressing how impressed he was with my SAT and transcripts and whatnot. Even went so far as to say that he would have no problem serving with me and that I’d make a fine officer. I managed to get a peek at the evaluation form he was filling out and I noticed that he had marked all 5s on the rubric-like portion except for one column, which was a 4. So that makes me feel that he wasn’t just saying that stuff for funsies. Thanks so much for your advice though, it was very helpful!

You should already have an answer for the following:

Why do you want to be a Naval Officer? What leadership experience do you have? What career aspects of the Navy interest you?

Those are some basics, but as a NROTC instructor (several years ago) I was always surprised by the guys who couldn’t even tell me WHY they wanted to join.

I was always surprised by the guys who couldn’t even tell me WHY they wanted to join.

That’s because 90% of people joining NROTC are doing it for college tuition. That’s not exactly the best thing to say in an interview. It’s easy to be idealistic about peoples’ reasons for joining the military when you’re 25 and have a college degree/career, but an 18 year old usually has his future as his #1 priority – rightfully so. The few people I saw who joined for other reasons generally turned out to not make it through the program. Maybe I had an unusual experience but I doubt it.

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be clean shaven and wear a nice shirt and tie. hopefully you are already athletic and have good grades.


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