Now CakeCentral Can Be Ad Free

We have received countless emails from members who have asked if they could pay a monthly fee to use without seeing all the advertisements.

We are happy to announce that we are making that option available beginning today.

Now there are two ways to use Cake Central

1. FREE – Ad Supported
2. SUBSCRIPTION – $4.95 per month – No advertisements displayed.

Both types of user accounts have access to all the same great features and content, the only difference is the display of advertisements. Also Subscribers might find page load times a bit faster since they won’t have to wait for their browsers to load the advertisements.

I just wanted to put this information out there so no one panics and thinks that Cake Central has become a fee based site, or that they will miss out on content if they don’t subscribe.

Hopefully this option strikes the right balance of keeping Cake Central freely available to all who want to participate, but provides an option for those who would prefer to pay a membership than to be distracted by advertisements when using Cake Central.

If you have any problems subscribing, please use the contact page to submit a support ticket and we will help you get it sorted out.

Click here to subscribe : SUBSCRIBE