How To Delete All Your Youtube Music Favorites At Once. How Do I Delete My Favorites Playlist?

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Select “Library” from the side menu. William Antonelli/Business Insider


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On the Library page, scroll down until you see the section with the “Playlists” header.

4. Click the “View full playlist” link below the photo of the first video in your playlist.



Click the link to delete your playlist. Isabella Paoletto/Business Insider

5. Click the three horizontal dots located in the upper-left of the page.

6. Select “Delete playlist” from the menu.



Click “Delete playlist” in the three-dot menu. William Antonelli/Business Insider

8. A pop-up will launch asking you to confirm your wish to delete the playlist. Click “Delete” to delete the playlist.

How to delete a YouTube playlist on your mobile device


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On your phone”s home screen, locate the YouTube app icon and open it.

2. Ensure you”re logged into your YouTube account. Then, tap the “Library” icon on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

3. Under “Playlists,” select the playlist you wish to delete.

Find the playlist you want to delete in your Library. William Antonelli/Business Insider

4. In that playlist”s editing screen, tap the delete icon, which is a small trashcan.

Tap the trashcan icon to delete your playlist. William Antonelli/Business Insider

5. A pop-up will launch, asking you to confirm that you want to delete the playlist. Tap “OK” to delete the playlist.

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How to Unfavorite on YouTube?

Click the “Edit playlist” button to the proper of the YouTube consumer call. Click the take a look at field subsequent to the video you need to unfavorite.

How to Crop in YouTube?

Trim the begin or quit of your video
Select Trim. A blue field will seem withinside the editor.
Click and drag the perimeters of the blue field. Stop while the field is overlaying the part of the video that you would like to keep. Anything now no longer withinside the field could be eliminated from the video.
To affirm your edits, pick out Preview.
Click Save.

To upload a remark
Find the remark phase below the video.
Type withinside the Add a public remark… field. On mobile, you can want to faucet the remark phase to enlarge it.
Enter your remark.

How to Add a Video to Blogspot?

Upload a video in your Blogger blog
Sign in to Blogger and open the submit editor.
Click the Insert Video icon (you can need to scroll to the proper thru the buttons to locate this)
Select Upload from computer.
Either drag the video record into the uploader or click on Choose a video to upload.

How to Transfer Videos From YouTube to Dailymotion?

Log in in your business’s YouTube account web page and click on your consumer call withinside the web page’s top proper corner. Click “Video Manager” to show the Video Manager web page that indicates a listing of motion pictures you’ve got got uploaded. Scroll thru the listing and region take a look at marks subsequent to motion pictures you want to switch in your Dailymotion account.

How to Reset Your FrontPage on YouTube?

How to Reset Your FrontPage on YouTube
Watch History. Click your username and pick out “My Channel.” …
Watch Later. Click your username withinside the navigation bar and pick out “My Channel” withinside the drop-down listing. …
Favorites. Click your username and pick out “Video Manager.” …
Likes. Click your username and pick out “Video Manager.”

How to See Your Uploaded Video on Facebook?

Click the “Photos” hyperlink below your cowl picture graph close to the pinnacle of your timeline web page. Click “Videos” withinside the pinnacle left corner, subsequent to the Your Albums heading. The Your Videos phase consists of motion pictures you have uploaded to Facebook.

How to Delete YouTube Posts?

You can delete any video you uploaded in your YouTube channel.
Delete your very own motion pictures
Sign in to YouTube Studio.
From the left menu, pick out Content.
Point to the video you would like to delete and pick out More. Delete forever.
Check the field to well known that your video could be completely deleted.

Adding a Clickable Link in YouTube Video Annotations?

Click the “Add annotation” menu and pick out an annotation kind to upload. The “Speech Bubble,” “Note” and “Spotlight” annotations all assist linking.

How to Broadcast a Video Through Facebook?

From the Facebook app:
Navigate to the Page, group, profile or occasion wherein you need to post your stay stream.
Tap the Live button at the lowest of the submitting composer.
Add an outline to your video.
Tap Start Live Video.
Tap Finish while you need to quit your broadcast.

The Importance of YouTube in Marketing?

Not simplest is your target market on YouTube, however, because the internet’s 2nd biggest seek engine, YouTube can assist enhance your search engine marketing and normal emblem presence. YouTube permits entrepreneurs to give particular content material it really is smooth for visitors to eat and share. YouTube advertising may be an intimidating device for brands.

How to Manage Favorites on YouTube?

The My Videos & Playlists web page opens. Click “Favorites” at the left aspect of the web page. To upload a video out of your Favorites listing to a playlist, click on the video’s take a look at the field to choose it. You can choose a couple of films with the aid of using clicking the take a look at packing containers subsequent to every video which you need to upload.

How to View Blocked Contacts on YouTube?

Click “Blocked Users” from the menu at the left aspect of the display screen to view a listing of your blocked YouTube users.

How to Block Users From YouTube?

How to dam YouTube channels on a computer
Go to and log into your account, after which open the channel you need to the dam.
Click About withinside the listing of alternatives on the pinnacle in their web page, beneath their username and banner.
Click the flag icon at the proper aspect of the web page and choose Block person.
Click Submit.

Block a commenter
Find a remark they have got left for your channel or video.
Next to the remark, choose More Hide person from the channel.

How to Add Artist?

Launch the YouTube Music app or visit …
Click at the seek conversation container on the pinnacle of the page. …
From the quest results, click on the artist’s profile photograph or thumbnail.
Click the purple button proper below the artist’s call to subscribe.

How do I make playlist suggestions on YouTube?

To assist you out, Google is using its AI smarts for a YouTube Music characteristic referred to as assistive playlists. It’ll examine the call of the playlist, songs you have already brought and your listening records to provide as many as seven pointers for the subsequent track. You can refresh that listing for extra options.

How do I remove a favorite artist from YouTube?

Right now there is no choice to edit the listing of preferred artists, which you decided on in the course of setup. The mixtape but ought to adapt over time, primarily based totally on songs and playlists you concentrate o, your votes, etc. Right now there is no choice to edit the listing of preferred artists, which you decided on in the course of the setup.


If you’re a fan of YouTube Music, but have started to feel overwhelmed by the number of songs in your Favorites list, don’t worry – it’s easy to delete favorites on YouTube Music. In this guide, we’ll show you how to delete a song from your Favorites list, as well as how to delete all of your Favorites at once.

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