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What is the method used by the Marching Band Committee to select the performance order for the WSMA State Marching Band Championships?
The WSMA Marching Band Committee creates the schedule using a random draw method done in two halves of the lower placements and higher placements from the previous year’s Championships. Bands that did not participate the previous year are placed in the draw for the lower half of the assigned class. Bands that change class from the previous year based on school enrollment are placed in the same half of the draw in the new class as the previous class.

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WSMA, in collaboration with the WSMA-assigned Judge Coordinator, seeks out leaders in the field of pageantry adjudication to judge the State Marching Band Championships and the Independent shows leading to State. Beginning with the 2014 season, the judging panel assigned to the WSMA State Marching Band Championships will consist of all first read judges.
Yes, the WSMA State Marching Band Championships is open to all bands from any WSMA-member school. All student members must be enrolled in the same WSMA-member school or the affiliated middle/junior high member school and students must regularly attend and participate in their school marching band program. Co-op marching bands between two towns or high schools are not allowed.
Participating bands are assigned to a class based on the school’s total enrollment as reported to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Class is determined by dividing the total number of participating bands into four approximately equal numbers of bands in Class A, AA, AAA, and AAAA. Bands participating in the State Marching Band Championships as Comment Only or Non-Competitive are placed in a class solely on the school size at the beginning of the assigned class. Comment Only and Non-Competitive bands are not considered in assigning classes.

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The classification of bands by school size is designed to separate participating bands into equal sized groups where the bands in competition with each other have the same size general student population base from which to draw. While the alternate method of classification by band size has been discussed by the participating band directors, classification by school size is continually chosen by participating directors as the fairest and most accurate method of band classification.
Yes, there are several different ways to participate including a non-competitive format. The Festival Class is specifically designed for this type of participation and is similar to the WSMA Concert Festival format in that there are three judges and each individual rating is combined into a composite. The difference is that each judge is assigned a specific discipline to rate. One judge is responsible for Music Performance; the second is responsible for Visual Performance and the third for overall General Effect. For more information on the Festival Class please visit the links on the Marching Band home page. For further entry options please see Section IV of the Director and Adjudicator Handbook.

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