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Redox Chemistry of Nonmetals

Oxidizing Skills of Nonmetals

When nonmetallic components act as oxidizing brokers, the nonmetal is decreased to its monatomic anion or a protonated kind.


The power to behave as an oxidizing agent will be associated to the ingredient”s Pauling electronegativity.

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Oxidizing energy will increase with rising electronegativity.

The monatomic nonmetal anions and their protonated types normally exhibit the bottom potential oxidation quantity which provides them the power to switch electrons again to different supplies (act as decreasing brokers).Nonmetals will be divided into two teams primarily based on their redox properties.Very electronegative nonmetalsThese nonmetals have EN > 2.8 and are good oxidizing brokers.


F2 will oxidize all metals and most different substances. It should be saved in both nickel or copper containers as a result of the fluorides of those metals kind a movie passivating the metallic floor. The opposite halides are successively much less oxidizing.


AlthoughO2 is a robust oxidizing agent, its oxidizing reactions are normally gradual kinetically. Many flammable supplies will exist within the presence of air till a flame or spark begins the response. The very electronegative nonmetals are poor decreasing brokers. Electronegative nonmetalsThese nonmetals have electronegativities between 1.9 and a pair of.8. These components have few laboratory makes use of as oxidizing brokers.Sulfur serves as an oxidizing agent for some electronegative metals. For instance, the tarnishing of silver is the formation of silver sulfide.The electonegative nonmetals have average to robust decreasing properties.

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Primary Conduct of Nonmetal Anions

Basicities enhance with rising damaging chargeCharges of -3 or -4 can”t persist in water

Periodic Tendencies within the basicitiy and decreasing potential of monoatomic anions:


Periodic developments within the acidity of protonation monoatomic anions:


Pseudohalide Ions

Pseudohalide ions are polyatomic anions that resemble halide ions in each their acid-base and redox chemistry. Just like the halide ions, they’ve comparatively low basicity typically falling within the feebly to reasonably fundamental classes.

Essential Pseudohalide Ions


The oxidation of the cyanide, thiocyanate and thiosulfate ions generates dimeric species analogously to the oxidation of the halogens.


Azide is a robust decreasing agent that may even cut back the sodium ion. Sodium azide produces sodium metallic on heating.

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Hydride (H-) is each a robust base and a strong decreasing agent.

Explosives, Flammability and Robust Oxidizing Brokers

Compounds that are in very excessive oxidation states resembling oxo anions or oxo acids and components in very low oxidation states not often have overlapping predominance areas in Pourbaix diagrams. Due to this fact they have a tendency to react with one another. These reactions are sometimes extraordinarily exothermic giving off extra power than acid base reactions. Typically reactions between species with nonoverlapping predominance areas don’t happen instantly due to a excessive power of activation. The response between robust oxidizing and powerful decreasing brokers usually requires an initiator resembling a catalyst or supply of power resembling a spark. As soon as initiated, these exothermic reactions might happen so quickly {that a} hearth or explosion outcomes.PROBLEMWhich of the next seem the almost certainly to point out explosive properties?Eu(N3)2AgN3Eu(ClO4)2Ag(ClO4)Answer:

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