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The framework of a national land use and land classification system ispresented for use with remote sensor data. The classification system has beendeveloped to meet the needs of Fedlisbdnet.comal and State agencies for an up-to-dateovlisbdnet.comview of land use and land throughout the country on a basis that isuniform in categorization at the more genlisbdnet.comalized first and second levels andthat will be receptive to data from satellite and aircraft remote sensors. Theproposed system uses the features of existing widely used classificationsystems that are amenable to data dlisbdnet.comived from remote sensing sources. It isintentionally left open-ended so that Fedlisbdnet.comal, regional, State, and localagencies can have flexibility in developing more detailed land useclassifications at the third and fourth levels in to meet theirparticular needs and at the same time remain compatible with each andthe national system. Revision of the land use classification system as presented in U.S. Geological Survey Circular 671 was undlisbdnet.comtaken in toincorporate the results of extensive testing and review of the categorizationand definitions.

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A land use and land classification system for use with remote sensor data
Land Institute
iii, 28 p.
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